Is an online Will right for me?

Millions of people in England and Wales do not have a valid Will in place. We want to change this.

Writing a Will doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. Our online Will writing service, Mosaic online wills, is available to make writing your Will simple, quick and easy.

Write your Will online today for just £19.99.



Write a Will online

Protect your family in less than twenty minutes from the comfort of your own home by making your Will with Mosaic online wills.

To create your Will online, all you will need is

  • the names and addresses of anyone you would like to name as a beneficiary or executor
  • the details of any charities or organisations you would like to leave money to in your Will
  • the details of any guardians if you have children.

Not sure if an online Will is right for you? Take a look here or get in touch with one of our team today.

I'm so pleased that I chose Mosaic for my will, it was quick and easy. Relief to finally have my will sorted out.
John Smith